We just entered Inkfish Studio with Jonas Olsson to record a few tracks.


Tommi has just finnished the drum tracks and he did very well! Working with Jonas is nowadays very convenient and easy because we know each other better now than last year. I guess there has  borned some kind of bond between us. But! Soon it’s time for string instruments and maybe we have time for vocals too this week. I really have to say that these two tracks gonna seriously kick some ass and we can’t wait to share these with you guys and girls!

We have a plan to release two brand new singles and yet we can say that they’re going to blow your mind! Our debut album ‘Revolutions’ will be out next year in UK and these two kickass tracks will be on it. Btw. Our ‘Revolutions’ have got amazing reviews and it has been nominated for the debut album of the year in Finland.

The last two shows of the year in Finland next week:
2.12. Turku, Gong II w/ Arion & Awake Again
3.12. Helsinki, Bar Loose w/ Legioona

Next month we’re also playing our first show in UK! London, be ready!

– Joonas